Marketplace auctions

"Marketplace Auctions" - identified by a blue graphic design, are uploaded directly by collectors who choose to sell an item using Memorabid.

The platform does not guarantee the veracity of the description and nor does it guarantee the authenticity of the item’s characteristics; this is a “marketplace” section that gives the collector/seller a space or shop window in which to sell their item by putting it up for auction online and it works exactly like the leading digital auction platforms that offer any user the chance to sell their goods.

The Memorabid team examines and pre-approves every candidate seller, exactly as every auction that is uploaded, refuse to publish those that fail to meet standards of form or ones that may need editing (if the photograph or description is missing and/or unsatisfactory, for example).

When a user is interested in an item can contact the seller directly via the site’s built-in messaging function to receive clarification or further information regarding the lot in question.

When a customer wins a Marketplace auction they will have the chance to purchase a COO “Certificate Of Origin”, a document that guarantees that the item was purchased on, at a cost of 13 euros at check out.